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Everton's 'Holy Trinity' to be honoured

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

The Everton fans' forum has confirmed that three of Everton's greatest players - Howard Kendall, Colin Harvey and Alan Ball, are to be commemorated with a statue outside Goodison Park.

Following the death of Kendall last week there has been much discussion about how best to honour his memory and the impact he had on the football club.

Though he was the club's most successful manager he was also a fine player and together with Ball and Harvey formed a midfield triumvirate known as 'the Holy Trinity'.

They were the heartbeat of Everton's 1970 title-winning side and fans of a certain vintage will tell you that the club have yet to have a better midfield since.

Colin Harvey is sadly the only surviving member, with Kendall's death coming eight years after the passing of Ball in April 2007.

It would be a touching tribute though if Harvey is able to see the statue made in his honour and in memory of his former teammates.

There is no details on design, cost or timescale, but the statue is likely to be based on one of the most iconic photos of the three players  - an image of which was splashed on the side of the Main Stand last year.

Legendary striker Dixie Dean has already been immortalised outside the Park End and it is likely this latest statue would be located in the same area.

I'm sure Dixie wouldn't mind sharing the limelight with three players  who, despite playing in a different era, made a similar impact on the club and its rich history.