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Everton open contract talks with John Stones

Player's contract terms to be revised

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

After the fiasco of Chelsea trying to snatch away Everton's star defender John Stones during the summer transfer window, the Toffees have opened negotiations with the player to review the player's contract.

Chelsea were offering the player a salary well upwards of £100,000 per week. Currently only two players on the Blues squad - Kevin Mirallas and Romelu Lukaku - make more than that amount.

However, manager Roberto Martinez wants the player to focus on getting back to form after just returning from a medial ligament injury that had him out for three weeks.

"It's not a time to talk about any individuals. It's a good, stable position and I don't want to touch that. The focus now is just on performing, playing in games; it's not a moment to look into individual situations.

"The focus for him is just to get back from injuries. He's got an incredible appetite and desire to get back to the levels he showed at the beginning of the season and at the moment the contract situation is something that we do very well here behind the scenes.

"We keep a track on everything, and the focus for the players is to be ready to perform at the weekend.'

Here is an unconfirmed list of Everton player salaries from this season - (source)