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Hunt family not involved with possible Everton takeover

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Hunt family is well-known in the American sports circles. The late Lamar Hunt was one of the founding fathers of both American Football and soccer in the United States. He has also been widely credited with promoting the growth of basketball, tennis and ice hockey as well.

Hunt was one of the principal founders of the American Football League (AFL), which then folded into what is known now as the National Football League (NFL). His family, now led by Clark Hunt, still owns the Kansas City Chiefs. Clark Hunt also serves as the CEO of Hunt Sports Group, through which he oversees operations at FC Dallas of the MLS. Sporting Kansas City, while known as the Kansas City Wizards, was also owned by the Hunt family.

The last couple of days have seen plenty of rumors around the ownership at Goodison Park, with news that a 'Kansas City based group' were deep into negotiations with the Everton Board regarding a takeover. While Sporting Group have categorically denied any knowledge of a takeover, Robb Heinemann and Mike Illig (members of the SKC ownership), have been sending thinly-veiled tweets regarding Everton.

There have been plenty of other reports about American-backed interest in Everton lately, but nothing substantial has come out.

We reached out to sources at the Chiefs to see if they had any knowledge of the Hunt Sports Group being a part of this consortium, and they reported back that Clark Hunt is not involved in any of this talk.

More to come on this, we can safely assume.