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Sporting Club deny rumours of Everton takeover

But that doesn't mean it is the end of the story....

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

A spokesman for Sporting Club Kansas has denied reports the group are exploring the possibility of taking over at Everton.

Rumours began on Thursday about a possible takeover at Goodison Park, with reports of "VIP guests" from Kansas City travelling to watch Saturday's game against Man United.

This could, of course, mean a number of sporting groups but further speculation narrowed it down to the owners of Sporting Kansas City.

That was mainly down to tweets from Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman and representative Mike Illig, who the BBC claim is a self-confessed Everton fan.

Those rumours have been swiftly put to bed however, with Rob Thomson, a spokesman for Sporting Club, saying "there is nothing remotely accurate" about the rumours regarding Everton.

Is that it then?

Well, not necessarily. There is still the issue of these 'VIP guests' at Goodison Park on Saturday. If they are not from SKC (and they indeed exist), where are they from?

Respected BBC reporters Phil McNulty and Richard Conway also both tweeted about the rumours, citing from sources other than Everton. Conway mentioned 'Kansas City based investors' rather than the Sporting Club group specifically.

So who could that be?

Joe Prince-Wright from NBC Sports says SKC or (and more likely) the Illig family approached to buy the club in August, which is of course the same month he went to see Ferguson's testimonial.

If a separate group was being formed in order to invest in Everton then it would make sense for SKC to deny any knowledge.

Other Kansas City owners include Clark Hunt, CEO of NFL side Kansas City Chiefs and David Glass, owner of the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

Whether they are actually the unnamed investors - or this is yet another false dawn - should become clearer after Saturday's game at Goodison Park, where all eyes will be on the executive boxes as much as they are on the pitch.