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Everton takeover rumours not coming from the Board

Should we take this seriously now?

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

When a venerable news source like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) tells us that the rumours of the Everton takeover are not originating from the Everton Board but unnamed independent sources, we would say it is indeed time to sit up and take notice.

We've been here before, time and again. Whenever it's time to sell season tickets, half-season tickets or the Annual General Meeting (AGM), we hear takeover rumours floating about, with numerous financiers from Qatari oil magnates to East Asian businessmen, American stock market dabblers to Scouse fan groups.

Everything we've read and heard so far about the Sporting Club group that owns Sporting Kansas City (SKC) has been good - they have deep pockets and are renowned for their fan engagement. The main supporters group of SKC is known as "The Cauldron" and were involved in the design reviews for Sporting Park, the US$200 million stadium that the team plays in. This was the first "European style" soccer complex built in the United States, and bodes well for the Blues who are hoping their third attempt at relocating from Goodison Park, this time to Walton Hall Park, will finally come through.

This time all the speculation does seem to have some legs, so we'll keep our ears to the ground and let you know as soon as we hear more.