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Neil Warnock comments show why Roberto Martinez is key to Ross Barkley’s development

The former Leeds boss has criticised the star, but his comments just show why England are so far behind in developing talent.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Neill Warnock's comments about Ross Barkley this week have highlighted just why Roberto Martinez is so important to the youngster's development.

The former manager, who worked with Barkley at Leeds United during a forgettable loan spell, has said that Everton's star man will not be chosen for England at Euro 2016 as he ‘cannot defend'.

He also felt that the Everton star could not take responsibility in his own half, and that England boss Roy Hodgson would avoid choosing him for that reason, as he prefers his teams to be defensively solid.

This came after Barkley had shone during the recent international break, with a fine assist for Theo Walcott's opener in the win over Estonia, and a superb solo goal in the victory over Lithuania getting everyone talking about him.

Warnock's opinion is one that has been met with much scorn, but they have highlighted just how important Roberto Martinez is to the youngster's development.

While the likes of Hodgson and Warnock openly criticise Barkley for his failure to defend, the Catalan does anything but, instead opting to praise him for his attacking flair and determination to do things others don't.

When the inevitable mistakes occur from such a young player, he insists it is not an issue, and that it is important for Everton as a side to allow Barkley to try the fancy flicks and turns and, more importantly, learn when and when not to do them.

That has been his mantra throughout his reign, with him determined to allow his ‘diamond' midfielder to learn from his mistakes, and also learn from increased game time in the Premier League.

It is something that has worked as well, already this season we have seen Barkley's influence in the Everton grown exponentially with him creating chances coming up with vital goals time and time again. Martinez's influence has clearly had an effect over the last three years.

Of all the international sides, only England worry about their brightest attacking talents being defensively solid. It is the reason we are so far from the top in terms of developing elite players.

If Barkley is to become one of them, a path he is certainly on, listening to his club manager and ignoring his international one, and those like Neill Warnock, is the best route to take.