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Bianca Jagger embroiled in Everton's new stadium debate

This one is going to run and run.....

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Bianca Jagger - former wife of the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger - has found herself the target of Twitter trolls after supporting campaigners opposed to Everton's new stadium on Walton Hall Park.

Jagger, who was married to Mick for seven years between 1971 and 1978, is a global human rights campaigner and environmentalist. A quick glance of her Twitter accounts reveals her activity supports a number of campaigns across the globe.

To that end a group campaigning against Everton's plans, 'Friends of Walton Hall Park', tweeted Jagger asking for her support, which she duly gave and also signed a petition.

That allegedly led to a number of abusive, sexist and racist tweets aimed in her direction, though the 69-year-old seemed unaffected by the abusive and claimed it will merely strengthen her resolve.

Jagger said on Twitter

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo Chrisie Byrne of Friends of Walton Hall Park expressed her regret that Jagger had been the subject of such abuse after she had contacted her about the issue via Twitter.

Clearly this is a bizarre yet unsavoury twist in a saga that will no doubt drag on and worryingly perhaps become even more personal.

Obviously such abuse is totally unacceptable regardless of who is is aimed at and it is hoped that those responsible will be dealt with.

Those with a little more common sense did question whether Jagger knew all the facts before throwing her weight behind those against a development in an area she probably knows little or nothing about, even if her endorsement should hopefully stimulate reasoned debate about the issue.

Those against the development say the council should not be allowed to erode further green space in the city and any stadium would be of the detriment to the local community by depriving them of a free public resource.

Those backing the development say it will provide valuable regeneration for a deprived area and stress that only a section of the park will be used, leaving the rest for public use.

It is not simply a case of those who are for the stadium are Everton and those against Liverpool supporters nor is it of 'NIMBY' (not in my back yard), even if some will oppose the plans for that reason.

As an Everton fan I am all for the stadium redevelopment and feel the area would benefit from it as the park in its current state is underused and in need of sprucing up. However, I acknowledge the fact I am speaking from a fan's perspective and someone who does not live near Walton Hall Park. I do, though, appreciate the locals' concerns.

Such plans will always spark opposition, especially from those who live nearby. It is up to Everton and the local council to ensure environmental damage is kept to a minimum and give guarantees that the community will benefit from the development more than they would if the park remains as it is.