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Konoplyanka To Everton Rumors Persist

Everton has been linked to yet another winger, this time a Ukrainian national from FC Dnipro

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

FC Dnipro winger Yevhen Konoplyanka appears to be on the verge of a move to Roma. Now why should Everton supporters care about what a Serie A team does with their transfer budget? Well, there are reports that he may prefer a move to England, more specifically Everton or Tottenham over Roma.

For those who don't follow the Ukranian Premier League, Konoplyanka is a 25-year-old left winger for FC Dnipro and has 40 caps with the Ukrainian national team. He was on the verge of signing for Liverpool last year, but the deal was stopped at the last minute.

I've written more times than I'd care to mention about Everton's need for reinforcements on the wings. I think at this point supporters would be happy if any new players came during the transfer window, but wingers, defense and goalkeeper are the more immediate needs.

Konoplyanka seems to be highly rated and has been sought after by some of England's top clubs for the past few years and would come at a cheap price since his contract will soon expire. Liverpool nearly payed £15 million for him and reports seem to indicate he could be available for as low at £2 million and as high as £7 million (depending on which article you read).