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Kevin Mirallas to Spurs is the most inevitable transfer rumour ever

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

If you’re a Premier League footballer and you have never been linked with a move to Tottenham then you have failed at life.

It is the laziest, most obvious transfer rumour the tabloids can create, with pretty much anyone half decent who might be on the move linked with a switch to White Hart Lane.

The latest is Kevin Mirallas, who after his comments regarding contract talks last week and then ‘penalty-gate’ on Monday, has become the latest victim of the transfer rumour mill.

Mirallas has stated that he wants to play Champions League football, which immediately made the weekend link to Borussia Dortmund suspicious as they are currently at the wrong end of the Bundesliga.

Tottenham meanwhile are by no means guaranteed of a top four place and finished below Everton last season.

To make the rumour even more unrealistic, it is claimed Tottenham will offer Aaron Lennon in exchange to sweeten the deal.

Lennon’s pace and trickery is what Everton need to offer the team some natural width, but a straight swap deal with Mirallas or even a small fee is laughable. Not least because the Mirallas is by far the superior player and Lennon is already on the decline.

If the Belgian is to leave it should be to a top European club for a sizeable fee, not to a team we should consider our equals – our recent struggles apart.

The rumours just seem all too convenient given what has gone over the past few days. And although I would be surprised if Mirallas is still in an Everton shirt next season, I would be even more surprised if he was wearing a Tottenham one.