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Spanish Winger Eyed By Everton

Edgar Medez is reported to be impressing English clubs with his insane pace, and Everton may be scouting him.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

It turns out that there are players in La Liga that are faster than Gareth Bale. One of those players is Edgar Mendez, a winger for Almeria in the Spanish top division. Mendez, a product of Real Madrid's youth system, is reportedly being scouted by Everton and may be available for just £2 million.

Now pace isn't everything, otherwise Usain Bolt would be playing football instead of sprinting for a living. While Mendez is in the midst of his first season in the Spanish top flight he has already tallied four goals and an assist in all competitions.

Despite being left-footed, Mendez has the ability to play on both wings, in addition to attacking midfield. Getting a young, flexible and cheap player on the rise could prove to be a good move for Roberto Martinez. Many of the key players on the squad are getting older and struggling with injury, meaning fresh players will need to join in order for the team to compete in the future.

Arsenal is also reported to be scouting Mendez, so Everton will have their work cut out for them if they want to land the winger. But Everton remains an intriguing location for young players given Roberto Martinez's reputation for patience with young players. One only has to look at the improvements of Ross Barkley, Luke Garbutt and others, meaning Everton ca compete with bigger clubs for young talent.

What are your thoughts? Could Everton use a player like Mendez? Or should we seek other options like Gerard Deulofeu?