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Sylvester Stallone to give message to Everton fans at Goodison Park

Rocky star to put on his Everton shirt once more

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Rocky is to return to Goodison Park on Monday. Well, sort of.

Eight years after his walking onto the pitch at Goodison during a game against Reading, Sylvester Stallone will appear on the big screens at half-time against West Brom to deliver a message to the Everton fans.

Stallone is believed to be offering Everton fans the chance to get involved with his new film, 'Creed', a rocky spin-off featuring local boxer and big Evertonian Tony Bellew.

I would love to say that Stallone was inspired to become an Everton fan through his love of Tony Hibbert and Leon Osman but unfortunately the real reason is much duller.

Stallone is friends with planet Hollywood owner and Everton shareholder Robert Earl, who arranged his visit in 2007 to help publicise his film 'Rocky Balboa'.

It is one of the few things Earl has done that seems to involve Everton, despite owning a 23% stake in the club since 2006.

Cringeworthy? Yes, a little bit. But as long as Everton win I don't care. Stallone can even go in goal if he likes, I've seen him in Escape to Victory.

Speaking about Stallone's appearance, Bellew said:

"I would like you to stay in your seats at half-time and keep any eye on the big screens for a very special guest to make a welcome return to Goodison Park.

"Be sure you make as much noise as possible — go absolutely nuts at half-time — to help us create a brilliant atmosphere. I have seen first-hand what kind of noise Evertonians create – it will be perfect for the scene.

"I play the pound-for-pound champion of the world and I end up facing Adonis Creed.

"Rocky Balboa gets involved when he agrees to train Adonis. But if Adonis wants to be the champion, he has to go through me."