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Everton at Liverpool: Q&A with @Liverpoolfans1

We talked to our friends @Liverpoolfans1 give them a follow for anything Liverpool.

Jan Kruger

Ahead of this Saturday's game we begin our pre-match coverage right here with our weekly Q&A.

So, the season so far, both teams have seen an average start to their campaigns, I'm sure you would agree? But what are you hoping and expecting come the end of the season?

I'm disappointed with the start definitely, we should be picking up maximum points in games like Aston Villa and West Ham United, but with so many new faces it was always going to take time. Not finishing in the top 4 would be very disappointing.

The Derby at Goodison last year was one of the most exciting to date. Do you see this one going a similar way, or do you think it'll be more like the Anfield one? What is your score prediction?

Hopefully it's another exciting game, the Merseyside derby is rarely dull. I think it'll be a great game, both teams need the 3 points, I think Liverpool will win it though, 2-1 prediction with Jordan Henderson and Mario Balotelli scoring.

Mario Balotelli has been brought in to replace Luis Suarez. Has the latter been missed and do you think Balotelli will eventually fill Suarez' boots in some capacity?

Whoever we signed in the window wouldn't have replaced Suarez, you can't replace a player of his skill but you can try and Balotelli I think will turn out to be a great signing, he's got a lot of expectations on his shoulders because of Suarez but when he gets comfortable and used to how Liverpool play he will get a lot of goals.

Everton's defence is rocky just at the moment and Liverpool's defence has been slightly haphazard since last season. I think another high scoring derby is on the cards and my head says 3-3 and my heart 4-3 to Everton. But, what do you think is needed to improve the defence of Liverpool? A new defender or working on what you have?

If we had a good defence last season we would've won the league. The same problems are there this season, I thought bringing Dejan Lovren in would bring some stability and leadership to the defence but they still look nervous, I think the defenders we have are good enough it's just a case of learning to play alongside each other.

Enjoy the game and the season. If Liverpool win who can you see being your man of the match? And if Everton were to win who would be our man of the match?

I can see Henderson being man of the match for Liverpool, he'll get stuck in! There's no question of Everton winning so they won't have a man of the match, but if they did I'd go with Steven Naismith, might steal a goal!


Lets hope the Blues can put their defensive frailties behind for Saturday and get a win at their place across Stanley Park!