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Everton vs Wolfsburg: Q&A with Fallersleber AltstadtWoelfe

We speak with our friends from Germany, as their side Wolfsburg visit Goodison Park tomorrow.

Chris Brunskill

We're back in Europe! How good does that sound? Champions League or not, we have a great opportunity to give this year's competition a serious go. Where better to start than tomorrow against German side VfL Wolfsburg in the Europa League? We spoke with the Wolfsburg fan club Fallersleber AltstadtWoelfe (responses translated from German) -

RBM - This is Everton's first season back in a European competition since 2009, the same year you (Wolfsburg) won the Bundesliga title. We know that Thursday will be a tough test and possibly the toughest of the group, but what do you feel the fulltime result will be come Thursday evening?

FAW - For me a result like 2-2 for us is great, but as a supporter like me and a leader of a supporters club "Fallersleber AltstadtWoelfe" I hope to see a 1-2 result for Wolfsburg.

RBM - Wolfsburg have some brilliant players right across the pitch, some I can't wait to see play, from captain and goalkeeper Diego Benaglio, to midfielder Ivan Perišić and not to mention Luiz Gustavo and striker Ivica Olic. But, which Everton players will you be looking forward to watching on Thursday and why?

FAW - Romelu Lukaku because I don't believe he is worth €30Mil (£28mil) and he is so far playing like this. Also, your left and right back Leighton Baines and Seamus Coleman as they play football I like.

RBM - Wolfsburg carries a fair reputation over here in England. What reputation, if any, does Everton have in Germany?

FAW - Really, I don't know a lot about you guys. The only information I know of is that your stadium saw the most games in one stadium in the UK ever, your supporters are very fanatical and make a lot of noise and support the team when its going good or bad.

RBM - If you're travelling over to Liverpool in time for Thursday's game and are spending the day in the city, there is a brilliant place to drink that will make you feel just at home. Why not try it out? Its called the Bierkeller and is only 15-20 minutes away from Goodison Park. What about around Wolfsburg? Where would you suggest we try for a drink and maybe something to eat on our trip to Germany?

FAW - Paulaner in downtown, it is in walking distance of the Brauhause in Fallersleben. Its a 15 minute drive in a taxi to the Volkswagen Arena and they brew their own beer!

RBM - Wolfsburg have had a similar start to the season to that of Everton. Drawing 2 games and losing 1 in our opening 3 matches. But, which player would you sign from Everton and why? From Wolfsburg I would probably sign someone I haven't yet mentioned. Kevin De Bruyne, whom I watched for a small period of time when he played at Chelsea briefly. He looked good on the ball and was positive with his passing and movement.

For me Kevin Mirallas or Lukaku, but again not for 35mil€ (£28mil). I'm excited to see them play. So lets see on Thursday. The VfL Wolfsburg fans will travel in numbers across to England for tomorrow night's game, expect the away section to be a sea of green.