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Instant Reaction: Everton get a win, clean sheet against West Brom

Everton looked a bit better on Saturday in a 2-0 win over West Brom.

Laurence Griffiths

It wasn't a perfect performance, but after some major defensive issues in Everton's first three matches, a clean sheet is a nice feeling. Enjoy my reactions to today's win over West Brom and share your thoughts in the comments.

  • BIG ROM! LUKAKU IS THE BEST!!! 1-0!!! Fantastic goal in the 2nd minute taking advantage of a poor West Brom clearance.

  • First goal of the season for our record signing, which is important. Should take a little pressure of him going forward now that he found the back of the net. He'd been playing well in the first three matches, but people expect him to score and now he has.
  • West Brom have looked good since the goal but so far the defense looks better than it has of late. We'll see how that holds up over 90 minutes.
  • Why does our defense look like a Mini with 30 clowns stuffed inside driving in circles, firing fireworks and confetti out the windows?
  • This match is ALL West Brom since the goal.
  • What the hell was that challenge Jagielka? Unneeded and late giving West Brom a dangerous free kick ... which they didn't take advantage of thankfully.
  • No build-up through the back, everything just getting hoofed long to no one in particular.
  • Hmmmm ... that shot from Naismith was a bit off target. He was also offside, but the linesman missed it.
  • Everton's passing is rotten today.
  • 60' BIG save from Tim Howard to preserve the lead.

  • Aidan McGeady was really quiet today, perhaps he's a bit tired from international duty?
  • So close for Osman!
  • WOO! A win! WOO! A clean sheet!