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Everton transfer deadline day open thread

Yes, it's that time of year again....

Laurence Griffiths

Let the chaos begin.

Transfer deadline day, one of the most frantic, illogical and down right ridiculous days of the football calendar.

It's a day where common sense seems to go out of the window, from people believing any old rumour on Twitter to desperate chairman and equally desperate managers frantically spending millions of pounds in the final few hours of the window.

Roberto Martinez seems the type of guy who doesn't get caught up in the whole deadline day hysteria, though he may well be tempted given the way his side have defended this season.

While I disagree with those who are saying that both Phil Jagielka and Sylvain Distin should be jettisoned from the squad (knee jerk?) defensive reinforcements are needed, as well as hours on the training ground!

Therefore defence could well be the main position that Everton will be shopping for in the final hours of the window.

However, given the unpredictable nature of the day, they may well be plenty of incomings and outgoings across several positions, who knows!

We will do our best here at RBM to keep on top of things, this open thread will be running all day to discuss the latest rumours, Jim White's tie, etc etc..

The Twitter feed will also run all day and any rumours with even a shred of credibility will be examined by a member of the team!

We already have an early round-up of Everton transfer rumours here, these may well be dismissed later in the day or one of them may end up at Finch Farm, on transfer deadline day you just never know.

If you hear any rumours, or want to comment on any deals then please have your day below.

Oh, and strap yourselves in, this could be a bumpy ride!