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Roberto Martinez mural being erected at Goodison Park

What the side of the main stand looked like last season
What the side of the main stand looked like last season
Chris Brunskill

With the new season edging ever closer Everton are busy sprucing up Goodison Park ahead of the season opener against Arsenal on August 23.

As well as the usual upgrades such as new seats, improved catering facilities, modernised toilets and a new track around the perimeter of the pitch, a giant mural is being placed on the side of the main stand.

Goodison had to be redecorated anyway due to the switch from last season's horrific club badge to this year's much improved fan-chosen design. But rather than just have the usual "welcome to Goodison Park" this year the club have got creative.

The huge mural features manager Roberto Martinez and the phrase "solo lo mejor", Roberto's Spanish interpretation of the club's Latin motto "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum", which equates to "nothing but the best".

It's a nice touch and it's good to see the club keeping Goodison in as good a state as possible, though we all know the Grand Old Lady is past her best and a move to a stadium better suited to 21st century football is required sooner rather than later.