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Naismith proves that not all footballers are spoilt rich kids

Paul Thomas

The modern footballer does not have the best reputation among the rest of society.

Yes they may show dazzling skills on the field but the general perception is that they are paid far too much for what they do and their immense wealth leaves them disconnected from the rest of us in the real world.

They don't help themselves either, be it through disgraceful antics on the field, trouble with the police off it or gratuitous flaunting of their excessive wealth.

It is refreshing therefore to hear about Steven Naismith's latest charitable gesture, proving that far from being disconnected from society, he's shows genuine compassion and empathy for those less fortunate than himself.

The Scottish striker has bought a number of Everton match tickets and distributed them to job centres across Liverpool. Those Job Centres will then give them to worthy people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are working hard to try and secure re-employment.

This has been done off his own back and not through the club, with Naismith saying it is his way of giving something back to the city where he works.

For the past two years Naismith has also funded a Christmas meal for the homeless at a homeless centre in Liverpool, spending the afternoon chatting to those who have found themselves on the streets at Christmas time.

He continues to fund a similar event in Glasgow, where he used to play his football for Rangers, a city very similar to Liverpool in terms of its industrial heritage but with its fair share of economic and social issues.

It gives us all a reminder that we should all look out for each other in our own little way and with footballers being more privileged than most, it's great to see some of their wealth being given towards a good cause.

It also shows that footballers aren't all bad and will hopefully inspire a few others to dig deep into their expansive pockets and give a little back, rather than spend it on another Ferrari.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Naismith said:

“This community has taken me in and allowed me to play for their football club.

“And so I wanted to give something back. Hopefully this is something that can help people restore some confidence.

“I live a privileged life because I play football for a living and this club and city has given me the platform to give something back.

“Liverpool has a similar history to Glasgow and I am aware that, through no fault of their own, there are many unemployed in Liverpool trying hard to find a job and may not be able to afford a ticket.

“I thought this might be a small gesture to help those in that situation to enjoy a day out at one of our matches.