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Instant Reaction: Defense collapses for the second straight week

Everton were less than ten minutes away from a 2-0 win over Arsenal. Instead, they were forced to settle for a 2-2 draw.

Laurence Griffiths

Welcome to another edition of Instant Reaction. This time, enjoy my stream of consciousness thoughts from Everton's insanely frustrating draw against Arsenal.

  • Steven Pienaar hurt is back early and lasted less than ten minutes. Well isn't that just wonderful. Another injured midfielder to go along with Ross Barkley.
  • (15') WHAT AN AWFUL GIVEAWAY BY SEAMUS COLEMAN. Please don't do that again. EVER. Thankfully Oxlade-Chamberlain didn't do well with his shot.
  • THAT'S BETTER SEAMUS!!! Wonderful run, great header, great cross/ship from Gareth Barry. LOVELY GOAL!! Romelu Lukaku deserves some credit for not trying to play that ball. I'm not sure he could've jumped high enough, but whether he saw Coleman or it was just luck, it worked out perfectly.
  • It also didn't hurt on the goal that Mesut Özil's marking was hilariously awful.
  • Ugh. Mirallas, you really need to finish that.
  • (29') Shit card against Baines. Definitely a foul, he was a little late and knicked Debuchy on the foot, but not a yellow card. Kevin Friend sucks.
  • (34') AND THAT'S NOT A YELLOW FOR CALUM CHAMBERS? That was more of a yellow card offense than Baines' card. KEVIN FRIEND SUCKS.
  • Wow! What a first half performance by Everton. Take care of business in the second half, and it's a well deserved victory.
  • In other news ... VAMOS ROBERTO!!
  • Arsenal roar out of the locker room and Olivier Giroud (who replaced Alexis Sanchez ... wow, that's odd) nearly scores. Settle down Blues.
  • (47') Steven Naismith yelling at Mathieu Debuchy is the best thing ever. GET 'EM NAISY!
  • (50') Nothing to the handball shout against Giroud, it hit his chest but with his arms flailing, it was worth trying to trick Kevin Friend ... because he sucks.
  • (54') Jack Wilshere almost kills Gareth Barry. Late tackle, takes out his ankle, and just a yellow card. KEVIN FRIEND YOU AIN'T NO FRIEND OF MINE.
  • For those watching on NBC in the United States, I'm sure you're "REALLY ENJOYING" this commentary from Lee Dixon. I find that putting someone on commentary who played over 400 games for one of the club's involved is always a good decision...
  • This is the 187th meeting between Arsenal and Everton. The most played fixture in English top flight football. Fancy!
  • Arsenal coming closer and closer to a goal. Settle things down a bit boys.
  • (70') Good lord what a run from Baines. That was fantastic ... just wish someone was in the six-yard box for the cutback.
  • Good shift from Lukaku ... though, did he hurt his foot? Sure hope not.
  • (83') Shit.
  • Someone probably should have closed down on Santi Carzola.
  • (85') Hi Christian Atsu!
  • This was fun until that goal. Now it's just NERVES.
  • Welp.
  • Arsenal deserve credit for fighting back and scoring two great goals, but the defending from Everton was fucking shocking. Roberto Martinez has some work to do on getting these guys to understand how to finish a match.
  • Well that sucked. A horrible finish erases all the positives.
That's it for this week. Let me know what you think in the comments.