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Post match Q&A with 100%LCFC

After out fantastic chat with the guys at 100%LCFC prior to Saturdays game, we gather their thoughts on how they felt the game went.

Ross Kinnaird

I think the game on Saturday at Leicester missed a couple of things from an Everton perspective the first of those was Ross Barkley and Mirallas. I felt we missed a constant attacking input down the middle of the park that Barkley gives us and we missed the flare and extra pace and skill from Mirallas on the right wing, although McGeady had a good game, he isn't known for his blistering pace like Kevin is. We have plenty to build upon and I'm not at all worried. The second thing I felt we missed was just a bit of match sharpness but that will come in the next game or so.

So, not a bad start to the season for either side on Saturday. How do you feel the game went from a Leicester point of view?

It was an exciting start to our first season back in the big time... Everton displayed why they are a top team. They seemed comfortable, with close control and a turn of pace on the ball when the game needed it. However, with (Jamie) Vardy and (Mark) Albrighton not making the team through injury and Danny Drinkwater and Matty James leaving the game part way through due to injury again I think we fought hard for a well deserved point.

Was there a player that stood out for you in the Everton side?

Lets just say Lukaku didn't have the chance to impress... Our local lad Liam Moore had your star signing "in his pocket" for most of the match. We thought that John Stones stood out, although he is young he looked like a very good prospect for Everton and England alike in the future. We also thought Naismith proved to be a continuous nuisance throughout the 90 minutes, and he finished his goal with pinpoint accuracy.

I thought Mahrez had a good game for yourselves as did Ulloa who worked hard from start to finish. What was your thoughts at half time being 2-1 down?

We felt we had hung on but were disappointed to be loosing thanks to two great strikes. Both goals were of excellent quality and to be honest when you see strikes like those you just have to nod your head and get on with it. But Alloa, in his home debut did look strong. We had warned you that Mahrez was a bag of tricks and he showed a few of them. If we had played like we did in the first half, last season in the Championship the scoreline would have been very different. But, we believe Everton will be challenging for a European place this season. So on balance we did give a good account of ourselves.

The atmosphere inside the King power stadium this Saturday was electric, Everton took the largest away following in the Premier league this weekend with 3,304 fans. Did we make a difference?

Yes! We had good banter with some of the Everton fans before, during or after the game... We chatted with some of them in the Spurs bar (Worst name ever for a pub next to our ground?!) during the game we enjoyed the chanting and banter, and we agree the atmosphere was good. We watched Liverpool crawl past the line against Southampton on TV and noticed the atmosphere at Anfield sounded rubbish! We also liked the Everton smoke bomb after you scored! Very naughty but we feel it only adds to the occasion! We hope you enjoyed our Poznan as well!

Ulloa was my Leicester man of the match and I thought 2-2 was a fair result in the end. Would you agree?

The stats show you had the lions share of possession and passing, however I felt we were effective, positive and created good chances with what we had. Both Martinez and Person felt their respective clubs should have won. We would agree. A point however, was acceptable for us after 10 years away, and playing one of the most established and after last season top 5 clubs in the league. Hopefully if City (Leicester) play like that every week we may just get through this first season. As for Everton, I suspect we caught you early and you will power through and have another good season. With Manchester United and Liverpool not looking as good as last season, that 4th spot may just be within your reach. Good luck!