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Everton at Leicester City - Q&A with Leicester Till I Die

We talk to @Leicestertid about this Saturday's game against the Foxes. The second of the Leicester fanzines but both with slightly different views. For anything Leicester visit

Thananuwat Srirasant

After our first chat with another Leicester fanzine we hit the second in a day. The first made brilliant reading and this is now different.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your promotion to the Premier league, Leicester were exciting to watch last season. However, the top flight is slightly more challenging than the Championship so how do you see your season panning out?

Thank you, and congratulations om what was a good season for you last term. I don't expect to win the league haha! but I also think we will have enough to avoid going straight back down. Momentum, the great season we had last term and an unbeaten pre season see's us going into the season full of confidence. We have a tough start but all teams have to be played at some point, and a final position of 14th is possible.

As you were one of three teams promoted last season, do you believe your the strongest team of the three? If so what is it you have over the others.

Well we finished above them both so you would have to say we are. QPR have some good individual players but when they lost Charlie Austin the rest failed to gel and play well as a team. Same with Burnley, once the front 2 were out injured Burnley had less threat where with Leicester we did not rely on just 1 or 2 players. I truly believe we have what the others don't and thats a good all round team.

Which stadium are you most looking forward to visiting this year and why?

So many, any of the top 5 team's to be honest (plus Old Trafford!). But Wembley next May would be nice.

After leaving your rivals, Nottingham forest behind in the Championship, who would you most enjoy victory this season and are there any potential new rivalries or old rivalries from your last time in the Prem?

For me Burnley because I lived there for 25 years, but new? Well I guess it has to be Hull with the Pearson connection. Other than that hardly any connection but for me Hull and the aforementioned Burnley are the two I want 6 points off.

Finally, good luck for the season, but one last question, where do you think Everton will finish this season? And what is your score prediction for Saturdays game?

In the Moyes years Everton were one of the most unpredictable teams going. Good year followed by bad followed by good, well you see what I mean. I like Martinez and you have spent a bit of money this transfer window. You will have a resurgent Man Utd and a Newcastle that have spent so I would say 8th for yourselves and wish you luck, starting from Sunday of course!

So a good contrast from our first Leicester friends we spoken to today. I'm one Everton fan who sincerely hopes we finish higher than 8th! I'm sure there would be many others that would join me.