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Everton at Leicester City - Q&A with 100%LCFC

The return of the ever popular Q&A returns. First to face our questions is Leicester fanzine, 100%LCFC. A fantastic group of Leicester fans who share the same love for football as we do. Visit their website for anything Leicester

Thananuwat Srirasant

Firstly, let me congratulate you on promotion to the Premier League, Leicester were a joy to watch last season. However, a new season brings a new challenge and the ultimate challenge for yourselves this year would surely be to survive relegation, can you do it?

Thanks, we are pleased to be back with the Big Boys like Everton. Leicester fans are used to us being the typical Yo Yo team! but we still see ourselves as a Premier League club, with a fan base worthy of being in the big time. We would honestly take survival, and a second season in the Premier league would give more money and stability to grow steadily and re establish ourselves as a regular member of the Premier League... However, we think we may do better than that ! The fans are looking for a mid table position, we don't expect to get many points home or away from the top 6 clubs, including Everton, but there is another group of teams who we won't have too much to fear and will be looking to pick points up from. Honesty is survival, but hope is mid table !

Who would you say other Premier league clubs should watch out for in your side this season?

Shhh! We don't want to spoil the fun! We have a few players who have come from nowhere and look like they could storm into the big time. Ryhad Mahrez was playing League 2 in France pre Christmas, and the City scouting system picked him up and he has been sensational, including a World Cup for Algeria... He is fast, tricky and got a ridiculous hair cut... Just what you need in a new super star! We hope he plays well, but fear he if he is too good, the bigger clubs like Everton may come sniffing in January!

David Nugent is a big Everton fan, but do you believe he can have the same impact on the Premier League as he did the Championship last season?

Not too sure, but we hope so! He scored 20+ for City last season, but half of those came from the Penalty spot... He won't get as much time this season and we won't get as many penalties... We hope he can make it, he has tasted the Big time before with Portsmouth, and his Pre season has seen him on fire, perhaps our new record signing Striker for £8m has given him a wake up call that he may not be first choice.... Still Nugent plays with a cheeky smile on his face and enjoys the game... He is a BIG Everton fan isn't he !

Who from Everton's current side would you have in your Leicester side and why? I personally would like to see David Nugent at Goodison in an Everton shirt, he is a good goalscorer and works very hard to get the ball.

For skill and youth and excitement it would be Ross Barkley ... He looks a real find, we hope he stays at Everton and develops with you, and not go to a Man Utd and get "ruined".... However, goals are the most valuable commodity in any league, so Lukaku is a brilliant signing for you, and his goal record would be great... How about £10m from us to you for him? Ok we will chuck Nugent in to sweeten the deal!

What is your score prediction for this Saturdays game? I'm expecting a loud and passionate atmosphere at the King Power stadium.

The Leicester fans are bursting with excitement ! We just can't wait... 10 years of pain and agony... I was stood in the away end at Stoke in the rain, watching Leicester get relegated to League one for the first time ever in our history, and the rain masked the tears ! So we have bounced back from the abyss and now just can't wait to play the Toffees ! We fancy it ! We are up for it... And we think we will win 2-1. We will concede a goal, but we think we may just come at you guys at a pace you weren't expecting. If it's one thing Everton haven't experienced it's the Championship.. It's rough, tough and 100 miles an hour... We hope we play like that in the Premier league mixed in with some skill and we may shock a few teams.

Finally, good luck for the season I hope you do remain in the league past this season. Just a word or two on Everton where do you believe we will finish this season?

You did well with Moyes, but Martinez has moved you on a step or two which is great to see. People my age still think of Everton as a top 4 side, winning a League here and there, making Cup finals, and European football, we see you as a "proper club" ... Perhaps like a nice big brother to Leicester... Your like us, just a bit bigger !! The Everton fans have wit and charm, and are true footballing fans, again like us... So we wish you well. In honesty... Perhaps you can break into that top 4, it would be great to see one of the flash big spending teams to not make it.  Again perhaps last season is going to be tough for you to improve on, (maybe) after loosing in the first game away at Leicester, Martinez may be under pressure from day 1!

Brilliant to see other football fans seeing Everton as a team we once were and will be again in the not to distant future. I'm up for the game on Saturday now. Come on you Blues!