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No way, Jose

Chelsea manager Mourinho's comments just don't wash this time

Jan Kruger

With Everton completing the £28m capture of Romelu Lukaku yesterday, Jose Mourinho has already been quick to throw his toys out of the pram.

The Chelsea manager, in his usual arrogant manner, has claimed that the Belgian lacked the motivation to fight for his place at Chelsea. Lukaku only played 15 times in three years at Stamford Bridge and has not enjoyed the best of relationships with Mourinho.

The Portugese manager said; "Romelu was always clear that in his approach and mentality he was not highly motivated to come to a competitive situation at Chelsea".

He has also claimed that they only sold Lukaku to Everton because they "want to be inside Financial Fair Play rules". Sorry Jose, but I'm not having it. In fact, I think Lukaku should be praised for putting his footballing future ahead of sitting on the bench at Stamford Bridge behind new golden child Diego Costa.

When it comes to Financial Fair Play, well that just sounds like a poor excuse for selling one of Europe's hottest properties because he refused to play second fiddle to Costa and merely collect his wages at the same time.

While I like Mourinho, this all reeks of the kind of childishness that saw the media turn against him in Spain. When you throw in the fact that he hasn't even spoken to Lukaku about the move, it becomes apparent that the best place for the Belgian is with Martinez at Goodison Park. Sorry Jose, nobody is listening this time.