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Romelu Lukaku signs five-year Everton deal

Jan Kruger

EDIT: The Liverpool Echo's Greg O'Keefe has just confirmed the news -

Is the wait nearly over?

The most anticipated and protracted transfer of the summer could be at an end.

The Belgian media are reporting that Romelu Lukaku has agreed a five-year deal to join Everton from Chelsea.

The fee is believed to be around £24million - a price widely thought to have been set at the start of the summer, with Lukaku then left to decide his future.

Lukaku has been on holiday for the past few weeks after the World Cup so there has been precious few updates, until he decided to troll us all with a tweet on Wednesday afternoon:

That got us all excited, with Evertonians dispatching themselves to Liverpool Airport, Goodison Park and Finch Farm to try and find out more. Some were even using flight radar websites to try and guess where he was coming from!

Then a number of respected Belgian journalists on Twitter stated that Lukaku had agreed an Everton move, citing Belgian paper La Dernière Heure (DH) -

The article says that a deal was agreed between the two clubs on Monday and Tuesday, with Lukaku flying to England today to finalise the move.

It was then soon picked up by the UK media:

There has been no confirmation, as expected, from the club, but should the move be rubber stamped it would smash Everton's transfer record - currently at £15million for Marouane Fellaini in 2008 - and also represent one of the most significant signings in the club's history.

Speaking of Fellaini, this was on Felli's Instagram just minutes ago -


CONGRATULATIONS to my man @romelu_lukaku17 on signing for @officialeverton !! Big future ahead

Given it would also come just a day after Ross Barkley signed a new deal, Evertonians would struggle to cope with so much good news in such a short space of time!

We await further updates with bated breath.....