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Official launch of 2014/15 kit

Here's the official information from Umbro about Everton's new kit.

The home shirt, in classic Everton blue, features a woven granddad collar in dark navy with a concealed top button to give a smart visual.

The shoulders of the shirt are reinforced with flat lock stitching, and the side seams have been moved forwards to reduce friction. In addition, the seams are stitched to the outside of the garment and covered with a fabric overlay so the inside is smooth.

The jersey also offers moisture-wicking properties, while a knitted shadow stripe gives the lightweight shirt a stylist finish.

On the back of the shirt there are also eight die-cut ventilation holes to keep players cool.  

The top eyelet on each side is in the shape of the iconic Toffee Tower, giving a unique sign-off for the Club.