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Everton finally cut their losses as Magaye departs

It just never worked out.....

Chris Brunskill

Everton today confirmed what has been looking increasingly inevitable for the past few seasons - Magaye Gueye does not have a future at the club.

The former France Under-21 international, who has officially been released, looked to have plenty of potential when he signed in the summer of 2010, with former boss David Moyes now infamously suggesting he could be Everton's 'secret weapon'.

Sadly for Gueye it just never worked out, he struggled to break into the team and rarely sparkled when he did play.

His best performance was probably in the FA Cup quarter-final replay win at Sunderland in 2012, though when given the chance to start at Wembley in the semi-final he again faded in mediocrity.

Like his Instragram partner in crime Velios, it appeared - from the outside at least - that Gueye enjoyed the lifestyle of a Premier League footballer a little too much, losing focus of matters on the pitch.

He spent part of 2013 on-loan back in France with Brest, but a permanent switch couldn't be agreed. He was used sparingly by Roberto Martinez last season, though he did score in a rare appearance against Stevenage in the FA Cup.

A move back to France will probably be Gueye's next move, though I highly doubt it will be on the lucrative wages he earned at Goodison.

Was it a case of too much too young? Or did he simply not live up to the potential expected of him? I guess we will never know, though there is no doubt that his four-spell at Goodison has been one big disappointment.