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Roberto Martinez On Tottenham Manager Shortlist

Roberto, what are your thoughts on this rumor?
Roberto, what are your thoughts on this rumor?
Tom Shaw

We have officially reached the silly season, and this year it has a new victim; managers. The Daily Star has said Roberto Martinez could be a possible candidate to take over for Tim Sherwood this summer. Of particular note with this rumor, there are no behind the scenes quotes or even illusions to Martinez to actually being on Daniel Levy's shortlist.

Instead this is purely media speculation. The best and most well informed speculation we can find outside of any normal thinking person. But as much as we like to slag off on the media, this rumor actually makes a bit of sense. Or at least more sense than the latest Ross Barkley to Liverpool rumors.

All kidding aside, Martinez has almost certainly made an appearance on Levy's managerial list. He may not be on the list any more, but he was there. If Levy is actually considering as many candidates as it seems, the Spaniard would have to be one of the current EPL managers that has experienced some success.

Martinez plays an attractive style of football, important at Tottenham; he has actually won a trophy; and has shown that his system can be scaled up to bigger clubs. With the kind of transfer money Tottenham can offer, it would seem to be a great job to jump to.

The problem for Spurs is that Martinez does always take the "sensible" route. Roberto may prefer to have more control over transfers, something he would not get at Tottenham, and he has also shown great loyalty to clubs in the past. It is also questionable just how good Tottenham's squad is. Yes, it costs a lot of money, but just ask Manchester United what that means.

All of this means it is extremely unlikely this goes past, "media rumor everyone gets in a tizzy about but doesn't actually happen."