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Instant Reaction: Everton are 'Bad Neighbors'

City overturned an early 1-0 deficit to defeat Everton on Saturday. Here are some reactions and thoughts about the match.

Laurence Griffiths

Everton took the lead, conceded three unanswered goals, and then pulled one back. In the end, it wasn't enough as the Toffees lose just their third home match of the season.

Our neighbors are gonna be SO pissed.


  • Ross Barkley's goal in the 11th minute was something special. It's was borderline ridiculous -- in a good way -- and when he first struck it, I honestly thought it was a cross to the far post. In the end, who cares. Joe Hart never had a chance, the placement was that good. Just another reminder of how much skill the young midfielder has.
  • Sergio Agüero's equalizer was so good, he hurt himself in the process.
  • Everton started in a 3-5-2, or thereabout, but Yaya Touré's dominance caused Roberto Martinez to adjust to a 4-1-4-1 late in the first half. He moved James McCarthy into the deep midfield, apparently tasked with keeping an eye on Touré.
  • On Eden Džeko's goal late in the first half, the Everton defensive line got way too deep and no one reacted at all to the cross from James Milner. The fact that there were three center backs in the box, and not a single one recognized the threat was disappointing. It also didn't help that Tim Howard's boots were encased in ice, he reacted WAY too late the play as well. Basically, the entire defense fell asleep.
  • Heck of a time for 2012/13 Tim Howard to make an appearance.
  • At 3-1 I think everyone in the stadium was resigned to the result, though I doubt everyone was completely upset. At 3-2, this atmosphere didn't appear to change much, as the crowd stayed rather quiet overall. Was Goodison pretty much silently rooting for City?
  • So...if Antolín Alcaraz isn't on the roster next season, will anyone care?
  • The loudest shout of the entire match came at the final whistle? Bad neighbors are we.