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RBM - Everton Player of the Year (Final Round)

Here's your chance to pick the player who you thought made the biggest difference to the side.

Paul Thomas

With the end of the 2013-14 season upon us, it's time to start handing out some Everton awards. The most prestigious of those of course is the Player of the Year honour, and this is sure to be a contentious one because so many players have stepped up and given excellent performances numerous times during the season.

To make things more fair, we here at Royal Blue Mersey have picked the top eight players we thought that were integral to the team's performances this season, and personified the Everton spirit best. We paired off these players in a Wimbledon style seeding off our votes and you will get to choose from these pairs, until we reach who should be our consensus Player of the Year.

So here were the top 8 players - in the previous post you voted for the following to proceed:

  1. Seamus Coleman: Everton and Player's Player of the Year. Excellent season for the right back.
  2. James McCarthy: Signing of the year for Everton, the human Swiss knife.
  3. Romelu Lukaku: First Everton striker with 15 goals in a season in years.
  4. Sylvain Distin: The elder statesman of the squad was a calming influence throughout.
  5. Gareth Barry: Brought shape and poise to a midfield that allowed Martinez to play his game.
  6. Ross Barkley: Absolutely flourished under Martinez's watchful eye.
  7. Tim Howard: Best season in a while for the goalie, just when we thought he was over the hill.
  8. John Stones: Just went from Barnsley to Brazil in fifteen months, nothing much.

Here's your chance now to pick out of these four who you think should be the Everton Player of the Year - vote below, and leave us a comment on who you picked, and why.