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Apostolos Vellios Leaves Everton

Chris Brunskill

Greek striker Apostolos Vellios has left Everton after hiscontract expired this summer. The club confirmed the departure with several kind words and well wishes from manager Roberto Martinez.

Despite an occasional flash of promise, Vellios never managed to secure regular first team action under David Moyes or Roberto Martinez. He started things off brightly with several goals, but soon saw himself relegated to the bench and the reserve team.

Many had hoped that Vellios wasn't playing due to Moyes distrust rather than any lack of ability, but this season it became apparent the problem lay with the player and not the manager. He finally went on loan to Blackpool this past March, but only featured in 2 matches, one of which saw him substituted minutes into the second half.

Vellios' time at Everton will be marked by disappointment. Several reports from Finch Farm indicated he had poor technical ability coupled with a less than desirable attitude. This attitude manifested itself this season when he reportedly refused to go on loan until March.

We wish Vellios the best and hope he finds success wherever he ends up.