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Sylvain Distin takes to Twitter for an important announcement

The Everton defender has made an important, career altering decision...and he used Twitter to let us know.

Bryn Lennon

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. Everton defender Sylvain Distin has an important announcement that you all need to hear. We go live...well, slightly Twitter.

Well done Sylvain. Well done.

I'm sure at some level he's disappointed that he never got the opportunity to represent his country at the international level, but rather than be bitter about it, it appears he's willing to poke fun at himself about the whole thing.

Distin was eligible to represent both France and Guadeloupe, but despite getting a call Guadeloupean Federation to play in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup, he passed on the offer, saying it would disrupt his pre-season preparations for the Everton season.

A man who knows the way to the heart of all club over country fans out there.