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Four Everton fans suing police over 2008 incident at the Emirates

A group of Everton fans is suing the Metropolitan Police, accusing them of false imprisonment, assault and malicious prosecution.

Shaun Botterill

A group of four Everton fans are suing the Metropolitan Police, claiming they were unfairly prosecuted following crowd trouble at the Emirates Stadium during a match in October 2008. The fans, Christopher Dutton, Alex Ramsden,and Jamie and John Martin, were all arrested for various charges including police obstruction, violent disorder, affray and being drunk in a football ground. The charges were later dropped by magistrates.

The four are now attempting to receive compensation from the police, claiming they were victims of false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. Charges the police deny, claiming the men were arrested on reasonable grounds.

The Blues fan's lawyer Sarah Hemingway claimed in court that the four men were subjected to the use of unreasonable force and fabricated evidence.

The trouble began when various small objects were thrown by Arsenal supporters at away fans in the lower tier of the stadium. Angry Everton fans moved towards a separation barrier, demanding that stewards take action. Instead police were called in, leading to one of the men being hauled over a barrier, while another was allegedly struck repeatedly by a baton.

If the fans are successful in proving their claims, a jury will determine the amount of compensation due to the four men. The trial is expected to last two weeks.