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Oviedo Set to Miss the World Cup

After getting on the fast track of recovery from his broken leg, Oviedo seems to hit a slight snag.

Julian Finney

Bryan Oviedo will not be fit in time for the World Cup this year. Oviedo broke his leg in a gruesome injury during Everton's FA Cup tie against Stevenage in January. While at the onset it looked like there was little hope to recover in time for the World Cup, Oviedo proclaimed that there was still a chance after Doctors saw him progress faster than normal.

But earlier today, Oviedo tweeted:

I just got the news. I gave my best, but I can not be at the World Cup. I know my team are going to do a great job. Thanks for the support.

As usual, Oviedo is in high spirits but you can't help but feel for the guy. He was in top form before the injury and even though he had gotten significant playing time during Costa Rica's qualifiers, he could have had an even greater role after his rise in form. Costa Rica's group is tough (England, Italy, and Uruguay) and Oviedo really could have given a boost for Costa Rica.

Now let's just hope Oviedo can be fit for pre-season. Giving Baines a breather during the season really improved both players form and it will be even more vital as Everton go on their European adventure next year.