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Would you give up the Champions League to stop Liverpool?

Sylvain Distin claims some staff members within the club would rather us lose to Manchester City and miss out on the top four in order to stop Liverpool.

Bryn Lennon

There is no question that should Liverpool win the league it would be unbearable.

Twenty-four years without winning the title has not dimmed their sense of entitlement and we would never hear the end of it should they come out on top this time.

It would also be typical of Liverpool to trump any achievement by Everton in order to hog the limelight.

It's a similar scenario to 2005 when Everton finished fourth only for Liverpool to go on and win the Champions League, coerce UEFA into changing the rules in order to gain entry into the following year's competition and easily qualify for the group stages while we were dumped out by Pierluigi Collina and Villarreal.

This year though there is an added twist as Everton can indirectly hand Liverpool the trophy by beating Manchester City at home in the penultimate game of the season.

That would sting I admit and you can guarantee those loveable Reds would let you know about it, even those ones who haven't been a game in years and you didn't even know liked football.

But should we be hoping to miss out on the top four - something that could potentially send the club in a whole new direction - just to shut the Liverpool fans up? (is anything going to keep them quiet anyway?)

That's what Distin has suggested some fans think in an interview today, the Frenchman saying:

"We've spoken about it with some of the staff and said 'What if we have to beat City to be in the Champions League but by doing that Liverpool win the league?' The funny thing is some people would rather we don't get Champions League as long as they don't win the league. It's mad!

Personally I'd rather be in the Champions League. You can't miss a chance for that. It would be amazing for the city if both clubs made it. I think deep down both sets of fans would like it if both clubs were in it."

I personally think we should put our own clubs fortunes first before that of any other, even Liverpool, and given Champions League qualification could alter the future of the club dramatically and an opportunity like this may not come around again anytime soon, we would be foolish to wish anything different.

However, I can understand why some Blues dread Liverpool winning the league as they would have their noses rubbed in it for the next 25 years.

The nightmare scenario is, of course, beating Manchester City to gift Liverpool the Premier League but still missing out on the top four. That would just annoy everyone.

But what do you think? Have your say in our poll and comments below.