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Everton vs. Arsenal: Let's celebrate through the magic of short form internet video

Time to celebrate Everton's big win over the Gunners thanks to magic of the Internet.

Alex Livesey

It was a fabulous Sunday at Goodison Park as Everton defeated Arsenal 3-0 and moved within a point of fourth place. Yay!

Since we're all on cloud nine and having a laugh, or three, let us enjoy some of the best moments from the match. Fortunately, the Internet is a wonderful place and despite the best efforts of "the content police" we can still find ways to enjoy moving picture versions of the moments that made us smile on Sunday.

So without further adieu, sit back, grab a tasty beverage, put your feet up, and enjoy a few of the best highlights from Everton's win. Good times had for all.

Goal #1. Wonderful ball in to Lukaku, great save, wonderful work on the rebound by Mr. Naismith.

Goal #2. Oh Lukaku. You are the best. Please stay. PLEASE STAY.

Goal #3. OWN GOAL.

Sneaky Seamus. Sneaky.


Happy Bill is Happy.