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Everton at Southampton: Match Review

Everton squandered most any chance of Champions League football next season after shooting themselves in the foot twice against Southampton.

Surprised Martinez didn't put this into our own net as well
Surprised Martinez didn't put this into our own net as well
Jamie McDonald

A relatively even match between Southampton and Everton was ruined by two sloppy own goals by Antolin Alcaraz and Seamus Coleman.

Everton starting by shooting one foot in the first minute as Alcaraz made a routine clearance header awkward and put it into his own net.

The day did not get much better for Alcaraz as he looked rusty and flustered throughout the match but did not commit any other fatal mistakes. Everton tried to push on for an equalizer from there but could not muster enough offense for a fast and strong Southampton side looking to end their season on high notes.

Everton proceeded to shoot themselves in the other foot in the 31st minute as Coleman unknowingly headed the ball into Everton's net after Stones missed a header from Nathaniel Clyne's superb cross.

Referee Michael Oliver did not have the strongest of games but correctly waved off appeals for penalties following handballs on both sides.

On the other side, Adam Lallana came closest as a 25 yard strike hit the outside of the post, although Tim Howard seemed to have it covered.

Osman was then very harshly booked in the 62nd minute as he went down in the penalty box following what looked to be a foul by Dejan Lovren.

From there on, it seemed Everton had very little fight and substitute firepower to come back from such a cruel deficit and finished the match four points behind Arsenal, who now have a game in hand as well.