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Tim Howard announces his retirement plans

Tim Howard says he'll hang up his boots when this latest Everton contract comes to an end in 2018.

Clive Brunskill

Tim Howard announced in an interview with ESPNFC that he plans to retire when his recently signed contract extension ends in 2018. Despite comments from Roberto Martinez recently, saying that the Everton manager believes Howard is more than capable of playing into his 40's, the Everton goalkeeper has other plans.

"I'll be on a beach somewhere when I'm 40, I would pretty much take that to the bank that I won't be playing past 40. There are other things I want to achieve in life, other things that I want to do."

Howard has provided color commentary on several occasions for NBC in the United States during their Premier League coverage, and he has talked about working in a front office as well. There had been speculation he might return to MLS, where he started his career, but it appears that won't be happening either.

"Up until last week it was a possibility," Howard said. "But I think that ship has sailed for me now. I think MLS had its chance, if I'm being honest, but now I'll finish my career with Everton and be a happy man."

With four years left on his contract, Howard seems poised to remain the first choice keeper for the Blues, as long as he stays healthy and in form. This announcement also gives Martinez a firm date by which he'll need to have a new goalkeeper ready to take over.

Then again, he could change his mind. After all, four years is a long time.