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Howard: Fans 'unfair' to Moyes

Tim Howard expressed some disappointment with the fan's treatment of David Moyes during his return to Goodison Park on Sunday.

Jan Kruger

As you might expect, Everton players were asked about former manager David Moyes being jeered by supporters during his return to Goodison Park on Sunday. Tim Howard was happy to offer up a quote, saying that he thought the behavior was unfair.

"We have brilliant fans, but that was unfair on him. He was the second coming, the messiah 12 months ago, and I don't think as Evertonians we should forget that."

Personally I have no problem with either Howard defending Moyes, or the Everton fans who chose to boo him. After all, it wasn't like the entire stadium erupted into a coordinated anti-Moyes display.

The fans that did react were likely upset over how Moyes wasted little time over the summer tabling cheap bids in an attempt to sign Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini. It was disrespectful, thus the reaction to a certain extent was justified.

Anyone claiming that Everton fans were somehow ignoring everything that Moyes had done for the club over his 11 years in charge is just blowing hot air, or trying to to be a troublemaker.

As for Howard's comments, there's no question that Moyes -- and former goalkeeper coach Chris Woods -- were a big part of him becoming a successful keeper at both the club and international level. He clearly wasn't upset with Everton fans, he's just more forgiving of how Moyes tried to do business during the transfer window and loyal to his former head coach.