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Barcelona Transfer Ban Could Affect Everton's Pursuit Of Gerard Deulofeu

Clive Brunskill

Everton could be an unintended victim of Barcelona's surprise transfer ban. It is no secret that Roberto Martinez is hopeful that he can secure Gerard Deulofeu's services for a second season, but he might not be able to anymore. The transfer ban raises the question of if Barcelona would be able to complete any loan deals while banned.

FIFA's announcement of the decision makes no mention of loan deals, but there is a general belief that Barcelona would not be able to loan players out or bring them in on loan. This means Deulofeu would not be able to return to Goodison Park unless his original loan deal called for a 2-year loan with an option for a recall.

Even if Barcelona is able to loan players out, there is the question of if they would want to. This summer is shaping up to be an important transfer window for the La Liga giants, and if they can't bring in players they want they might opt to keep their own youngsters in hopes of some meaningful contribution.

There is some good news in all of this though. Barcelona is almost certain to appeal the decision which will delay the start of the transfer ban. If the appeal takes long enough to be heard, it is possible Barcelona will be open for business during the summer transfer window. This would allow them to purchase any new players as well as complete loans. It is also possible the ban would be thrown out, it did happen for Chelsea several years ago. As the current campaign winds down this will definitely be something for Evertonians to keep an eye on.