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Instant Reaction: Everton tripped up at home by Crystal Palace

The sound you hear coming from Goodison Park is Everton's Champions League dreams circling the drain.

Clive Brunskill

Well. So much for fourth place I guess. Everton were poor, overwhelmed, out played, just about everything that could have gone wrong for the Blues did in terms of play. It's painful as hell because it really felt like this team was going to do something special, and instead, they did what we've seen so many times from Everton over the years.

Every time there's a chance for Everton to take the next step, to do something really special, they find a way to stumble over their own feet and unceremoniously crash to the ground.

All the credit to Crystal Palace for absorbing Everton's early pressure, and then picking them apart on the counter attack. Everton didn't pass well, they didn't shoot well, they didn't defend well, it was just plain bad.

At this point, there's too much frustration and anger to say much more than this just sucks. On to the next one I guess, and time to hope Arsenal crash and burn as well.

For the moment, here's how the season feels right now.