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Roberto Martinez's reaction to the ridiculous Barkley rumor is great

A day after the John Stones nonsense, it's time for the inevitable Ross Barkley rumors to begin ahead of the summer transfer window.

Chris Brunskill

According to various, and highly dubious, reports in the media, Liverpool are preparing a £38 million bid for midfielder Ross Barkley. We knew this was going to happen considering how successful the 20-year-old has been for the Blues this season, but Liverpool? Really? Liverpool?

The "stories" circulating around claim "Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is reportedly a big admirer of Barkley." Well yeah, I'm sure every manager in the Premier League is a big admirer of Ross Barkley. He's young, talented, a potential star at both the club and international level.

Our fearless leader Mr. Martinez was of course asked about the rumors and offered a brilliant response...because he's brilliant.

"Well, according to speculation we turned down £50m ($83.5m) from Man United so we certainly wouldn't accept £38m from Liverpool."

I love Roberto. He knew this was coming, and he was well prepared to deal with this nonsensical garbage.

While it's entirely possible that Everton could sell Barkley as soon as this summer, there's ZERO chance they're going to sell him to the club's biggest rival for a ridiculously low sum of £38 million. He's under contract, he's enjoying playing for Everton, and while the day may come where he wants to move on, you can be damn sure Everton will get more than £38 million for him.

Nice try "media". Nice try.