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Everton at Arsenal: It's Clattenburg

After the frustration and controversy of the reduced away allocation the FA have poured salt in the Everton wounds by appointing Mark Clattenburg as the referee for Saturday's game at Arsenal.

Clive Mason

Twitter rumours swirled around earlier this week that Clattenburg was to take charge at the Emirates, but with no official confirmation this was put own to mischief makers.

However, the rumours proved to be true and he will indeed be the referee for the huge quarter-final at Arsenal on Saturday.

Clattenburg should not be refereeing in the top flight let alone Everton games given the string of high profile gaffs and errors he has made over the years.

Just because seven years have passed since that horrendous and deeply suspicious Merseyside derby performance doesn't mean it is suddenly ok for him to be in charge of an Everton match, especially one of such importance.

You only have to go back a few weeks to the game at Tottenham to find examples of his ineptness, Clattenburg allowing Tottenham to take a quick free kick several yards away from where the alleged foul took place for the winning goal before denying Everton a penalty in the final few minutes.

Football fans everywhere will moan about referees, it is part of the game and I accept the officials can't win, what ever they do. But with Clattenburg I feel uneasy as I am never sure he is in control of the game.

He appears egotistical and part of this new generation of referees who like to be the centre of attention and love being all pally with certain players, especially when dishing out yellow, sorry red, cards. Isn't that so Mr Gerrard?

With a ready made excuse already in place Everton just have to try and put it to one side and concentrate on the game, quietly hoping that should the worst happen and Everton lose, it is down to piece of skill and not due to the man with the whistle.