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Everton 1 - 0 West Ham: 5 Thoughts

Romelu Lukaku is back and Everton is on track as well! Hooray!!

Jan Kruger

1. Lukaku is back!!

And boy did we need him. Romelu Lukaku, though only used as a substitute came in and did what he does, he scored us a goal (and winner). I can't say Naismith played especially poor or anything, but it's nice to know we have some depth at striker and someone who has a knack for goals. It's also good to see he has ended his drought.

2. More chances for Europe now

Everton are in 6th now. 6th place in the Premier League gets a Europa League spot since Manchester City defeated Sunderland in the League Cup final. Europe is well within our grasps and Champions League is still a possibility. We are 5 points behind Tottenham with a game in hand, 9 points behind Man City (although they have a game in hand on us), and 11 points behind Arsenal with a game in hand. It would really be improbable to grab a Champions League spot but getting away from an 8th place Manchester United is a real concern. Onwards and Upwards, I say!

3. Mirallas did not play

Kevin Mirallas was on the substitutes bench but did not make an appearance. This was a little odd but probably for the best since his form was suffering and he seriously needed some rest. Mirallas was playing overtime after the plethora of injuries Everton sustained this season. Let's hope he brings a little fire in the FA Cup tie against Arsenal.

4. Barkley being a late substitute was for the best

Ross Barkley came on in the 86th minute for Naismith. This was the perfect substitution by Martinez. Barkley needs time but there can't be too much pressure on him at the moment. He is trying too hard and making too many mistakes. A defensive substitute near the end of the game is exactly what he needs at the moment. Let's hope his horrendous form doesn't continue

5. Bainaar is back into full effect!

I was missing Leighton Baines and Steven Pienaar tormenting defenses when they are in great form. We haven't seen it in a long time due to injuries to both players. They are finally back, and this should open up so much more free space and chances for the rest of the squad.