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Alan Myers Forced Out At Everton?

Paul Thomas

Last week Everton was rocked by the decision of Director of Communications Alan Myers to depart the club for what were termed 'personal reasons'. It was a shock decision to many inside and out of the club, and it is one of the few times an often fickle fanbase expressed their support for a front office employee.

Myers had done tremendous work over the past six months making Everton a more fan-friendly club, actually willing to engage supporters both in person and over social media.

Where before, fans would be met with a concrete wall of silence, Myers was more than willing to reach out. He was a driving force behind the next new badge, initiated several city-wide PR campaigns, and engaged fans personally with a tea party including a few Everton legends.

While doing all of this he was funny, honest, and accessible; words not often used to describe the Everton front office. These qualities made his departure that much harder to bear, but everyone was understanding given that the move was for personal reasons.

The shock doubled when within days Myers was announced as the Director of Communications at Blackburn Rovers. Why would an employee leave his boyhood club, one he has admitted to staying at despite bigger offers, for a move to a smaller Championship side?

Something is wrong with this picture.

It would be one thing if Myers was a Blackburn fan, but he isn't. Blackburn's official statement on the hiring also indicates that they did not pursue Myers until becoming aware of his departure from Goodison Park.

That leaves two explanations. The first is that Myers decided he wanted to do something else after six months on the job. It is hard to believe that someone who describes himself as an Evertonian would leave after just six months. A full season is slightly more understandable though still unusual. Six months is just plain odd.

The second option is that he was forced out. It is no secret that Bill Kenwright and company are not the best businessmen let alone football club operators. They have a history of being secretive with the running of the club, and it is easy to see a world where Myers clashes with their way of doing things.

Either way it is disappointing to see such a fantastic employee leave the club. Everton will be worse off without Myers, but we wish him the best in his new job and hope to see him back at the club eventually.