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5 Thoughts: Everton vs. Cardiff City

Clive Brunskill

1. Everton finally gets lucky

A string of spectacular saves by Marshall and a historical lack of luck seemed to doom Everton, but a lucky miskick by Coleman seemed to make its way to the back of the net at the death. Usually, a kick like that would go sky high and it would be yet another draw for Everton, but finally things are turning around in the luck department. Sadly, though, we should...

2. Forget about any Champions League dreams

No, we're not out of it yet. Yes, it was improbable to begin with. But after the last couple of results and our struggle in beating Cardiff City at home, I find it hard to believe we can string together a strong end to the season. We not only need strong results but we also need some luck on our side as well. I don't see Everton playing well AND getting lucky especially when we can't do the former. That means we should focus on Europa League and getting 5th place in front of Tottenham. This seams more Everton's speed.

3. Something needs to change in the Midfield

Mirallas creates some great opportunities and can really change the game but he also wastes so many chances and makes too many mistakes. Osman doesn't seem up to the challenge any more. He should probably be an impact sub at this point against bottom half clubs. Barry and McCarthy are spectacular at disrupting the opposition and keeping possession but do we really need two of the same kind of player? I don't think so. Pienaar is jus too streaky to trust anymore. The area where we thought was our strongest (midfield) actually seems to be where we need the most change.

4. Striker really isn't the problem

Yes we sorely lack goals scored, but I don't think its due to lack of talent in the striker position. In the past it was quite annoying when people like Jelavic would get decent service from the midfield but wasn't able to finish. Now we have even more talented players but we still aren't scoring goals. We can't keep blaming the strikers. They can only carry so much of the burden.

5. Kenwright is not to blame

People may not agree with me with this point but I don't think Kenwright is to blame for not snatching a Champions League spot (If we don't). I am completely content with where we are as a club. We lost a long-time manager and some major players and still put together a very good squad. People think that if we just throw money at players, we will automatically be able to contend for the top 4. That is NOT true. Smart moves need to be made to for long term players that can contribute. Quick fixes never work. There's a reason why Manchester United has been good for so long. Many teams have splashed big amounts of money and then crumpled. Inane spending on overpriced players in January would have been a big mistake. I don't agree with Kenwright most of the time (or his sketchy policies/lack of transparency) but there is no reason to blame him this time. It may have just been too soon for Everton to contend after a transition.

You can also interchange Martinez for Kenwright for this last one.