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2013/14: A LOST CAUSE?

An aimless end to the Toffees’ season?

What is left for Everton in 2013/14?
What is left for Everton in 2013/14?
Jan Kruger

After crashing out of the FA Cup last weekend with defeat at the Emirates and three losses in each of the last three away Premier League games, Everton’s first season under Roberto Martinez has been derailed, but just how far?

Away games at the toughest teams have been the pivotal factor in giving Everton almost nothing to fight for in the last quarter of this season. The crushing 4-0 defeat at Anfield was the beginning of the Blues’ derailment then an almost as disappointing defeat at Tottenham considering it was a game Everton dominated. Similarly another 1-0 defeat this time at Stamford Bridge to Chelsea has almost completed the end of Everton’s season.

However the Blues still had their FA Cup run, until Saturday that is when they faced a tough challenge again on the road, this time at Arsenal. A 4-1 win flattered the Gunners as Everton were chasing the game after Arsenal scored their second through a penalty from Mikel Arteta.

Considering the Toffees’ start to the season it comes as incredibly frustrating to find ourselves in this position. What at one point had the potential for an extremely successful first season under their new manager has now possibly become a pointless exercise.

Having said that, take a look at the fixture list.

Out of the eleven fixtures Martinez’s side has left in the league it could be said that they could be expected to at least take points in all eleven thus leaving the Blues in a potentially healthy position in the league depending on results around them.

In the remaining five away games; Newcastle, Fulham, Sunderland, Southampton and Hull City – Everton could be considered favourites in all. Whether the Toffees fulfil their favourite status is another matter, given that those teams have a lot more to play for at the wrong end of the table.

At home, which Everton have built into a fortress in recent seasons, the Blues still have Cardiff City, Swansea City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Crystal Palace. Although we still have to play Arsenal, United and Man. City, at home taking points against these sides isn’t an absurd notion. As for the other three home games, they are sides you would expect Everton to beat but as they have more to play for at this stage of the season, the Blues will have to be at their best to pick up maximum points.

Essentially the point is; although it looks like Everton have nothing to play for, the eleven games they’ve got left, an in-form and confident Everton should pick up maximum points and if that is anything close to being the case, the Blues could yet still have an aim for the closing segment of the season.