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Is Oviedo some sort of machine?

Just 27 days have passed since Bryan Oviedo suffered that horrific double leg break at Stevenage, yet he is already walking unaided and has even been on an exercise bike.

Paul Gilham

The Costa Rica international was in agony when an attempted tackle on Simon Heslop went wrong and he ended up writhing in pain on the turf while his shocked team-mates tried to comfort him.

The sickening sight of Oviedo's lower left leg hanging at a bizarre angle immediately raised fears for the midfielder's career.

In days gone by such a break may well have forced a player into retirement, but at the very least we expected Oviedo to spend much of 2014 on the sidelines.

That would have ruled him out of this summer's World Cup, where Costa Rica will lock horns with England, Italy and Uruguay in Group D in Brazil.

However, Oviedo posted a video this week of him working out on an exercise bike before pictures emerged of him walking normally, without any form of cast or brace on his left leg.

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When asked about Oviedo's progress Roberto Martinez - a qualified physio -  confirmed Oviedo was making great strides towards recovery and was amazed by the player's progress

The boss feels he is well on course to make the World Cup, with Costa Rica's first game scheduled for June 14.

"I’ve never seen anything like it before. I was talking with the medical staff and we’re all staggered. The word is remarkable.

"He’s an incredibly quick healer and he’s so focused. He’s been working non-stop in the little jobs he’s got to do daily.

"For him to be able to walk after three weeks and even put weight on the leg, to ride a bike, shows you he’s an incredible character.

"He’s an outstanding example of how players should be facing adversity. He’s never felt down, he’s taken each day as one less day until he’s back to fitness.

"I always felt because of the way Bryan is mentally and how focused he is that he had a slim, slim chance of making the World Cup.

"Now I’d be even more positive about it because there’s still a long time to go, and if he progresses at the rate he’s doing now you could easily see him being fit for mid June."

The standard recovery time from such an injury appears to be around eight months. Aaron Ramsey suffered a double leg break in February 2010, returned to training in the October and played for the reserves in November. Djibril Cisse meanwhile sustained his injury in October 2004 and was back playing again by April - and was considered ahead of schedule.

Oviedo would have to progress much faster than both of those players if he is to take to the field in Brazil. But being able to walk unaided is a huge step and doing so so early in his recovery suggests he may well achieve his World Cup dream after all.