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Rescheduling Everton's Match Against Crystal Palace

Stu Forster

If you missed it, Everton's match against Crystal Palace was postponed on Wednesday due to some horrific weather that affected the Liverpool area. Fan safety was the main concern, and although many fans were disappointed it was right decision.

Of course the big question now is when the match will be rescheduled. Everton is set to open talks with the Premier League about rescheduling, and it will likely result in the Toffees getting hosed.

In truth, a new date for the fixture is unlikely to be announced before this weekend's FA Cup clash against Swansea City. If Everton wins and advances to the 6th round, the club will have to reschedule their match against Newcastle on March 9th. If Everton loses then the Crystal Palace fixture will be the only match that needs to be scheduled.

Because we like to be optimistic, let's pretend Everton will advance on Sunday. What day would work best? The truth is there is no perfect date, but some are better for Everton than others.

Ideally it would be nice to reschedule the match before the next round of the FA Cup. The Newcastle match would be scheduled for the following month, and it would be nice to avoid playing 4 games in 15 days. Looking at the schedule that would mean February 26th is the best date. March 4th/5th would be preferable, but that is a FIFA international date. We'll pause here to groan about international dates. The downside with February 26th is the short notice. It may not be enough time to reschedule everything.

That means the match would have to take place after the the FA Cup 6th round.In that case March 19th and 26th are the best two dates. These weekdays come between fixtures between Cardiff City, Swansea, and Fulham. All are winnable matches, and adding another winnable match to the group would be nice. It is certainly better than playing it right before the April 5th match against Arsenal.

For Crystal Palace, they don't have any conflicts, so hopefully this will come down to the Premier League being kind to Everton for once and letting them reschedule for a sensible week. You can all go laugh at the possibility of this, and keep an eye out here for news about the rescheduled fixture.