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Mirallas Issues Champions League Ultimatum

Winger Kevin Mirallas issued a startling ultimatum in an interview with the Mirror.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Kevin Mirallas may look to move on from Everton if the team fails to finish in the top-four this season according to Steve Goodman from the Mirror.

Mirallas, who is in the midst of talks to extend his contract at Everton past 2016 expressed some doubts about his future with the club.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to play in the Champions League. Ideally I will do so with Everton...But if that doesn’t appear possible we will have to look at the situation

It's not particularly surprising that Mirallas, who has been with the club since 2012, would like to add Champions League football to his resume. But it would be a shame to see him exit the club in the midst of a very promising rebuild under Roberto Martinez.

If he does choose to leave however, there would be no shortage of Champions League caliber teams that would look to scoop him up. He may not join up with one of England's top clubs, but he already has experience in France and could even find a home in Germany, Spain or Italy under the right circumstance.

A Mirallas exit would be very negative for an Everton squad in the midst of a disappointing year that has seen them drop points to inferior competition as they sit mid-table. But with Mirallas finally healthy, he is undoubtedly a key part in the team hitting their stride moving forward.

Additionally, I just don't see a squad like Everton being able to sign a decent quality replacement with their limited budget. There are replacements out there, but Mirallas has proven to be a capable, willing passer, excellent on set pieces and capable of scoring some brilliant goals when called upon.

There are still many, many games left in the season for Everton to sneak into the top-four, even if it seems unlikely at present. And perhaps Mirallas changes his tune depending on Everton's potential successes in the Europa League. If all goes well, the Toffees, may be able to keep their star winger after all.