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Everton at Manchester City: Live Gamethread

Can the Blues break out of their slump?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Really the last game Everton needed to be playing in their current poor run of form is the defending champions Manchester City, at the Etihad where they've been quite unbeatable. Then again, one hopes when the going gets tough, the Toffees get going.

Everton still have plenty of injury woes to be concerned with, and it'll be interesting to see how aggressive Roberto Martinez chooses to be today. Also, will he look to shut down the Sergio Aguero menace by dedicating a player to shadow him all day?

With Chelsea and Arsenal both losing today,  this is a great opportunity for City to stash the three points. Liverpool and Tottenham both drew and Everton will lose more ground on both sides if they don't come away with the three points.

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