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New Deal For Mirallas and Risky Football for Barkley

Kevin Mirallas to be extended while Ross needs to stay aggressive

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Kevin Mirallas Will Get a New Deal This Summer

Manager Roberto Maritnez said that he will offer winger Kevin Mirallas a new deal come summertime. The Belgian international has struggled with injuries this season, but has still managed to tally five goals and an assist in all competitions.

Martinez praised the winger when speaking to Liverpool Echo.

He’s a star. I’ve said that before - he has the star quality to find that piece of magic or important moment in the game to score a goal. He keeps showing that.

It's hard to disagree with Roberto on this one. Locking up Mirallas for the next few years is a great decision as he has been a vital member of the squad over the last few seasons. He was the team leader in assists last year and having him healthy and running on all cylinders would increase the Toffees chances of a good finish to the season. Mirallas also seems like a fantastic teammate and person, so having someone like him in the squad can only have positive benefits moving forward.

Martinez Wants High-Risk Football from Ross Barkley

Ross Barkley is still trying to work his way back into full form after missing a good bit of time due to a knee injury. However, Roberto Martinez isn't asking his star midfielder to take it easy on the pitch.

I encourage him to take risks...It's not a problem if he loses the ball, it's a problem  if he doesn't get the ball. I really, really enjoy seeing Ross Barkley growing.

His endless optimism may rub some people the wrong way, but boy do I love hearing Roberto Martinez talk about the young players on this squad. There's just something about what he says that makes me believe that Ross Barkley will be a star no matter what. Martinez has done an amazing job nurturing the young talent on this team, whether it's Barkley, James McCarthy, Luke Garbutt or John Stones.

It's also promising that Martinez understand that Barkley is still young and going to make mistakes and that he won't punish the player for it. I can't think of a better team in England for young players to grow at than Everton at the moment.